Free up your precious time by using this easy ‘done for you’ social media content for your business.

available by the quarter

special discount with full calendar year purchase

three months of content

with at least one specific holiday or birthday for each date. 190+ images are provided for each quarter that can be used as is or modified easily to include your logo or branding

three Canva templates

(one for each month) containing the artwork and text. All 

three spreadsheets

(one for each month) containing lists of all of the holidays with checkboxes for planning your social media calender

instructional videos

taking you through the quick and easy steps to modify for your own branding using the free version of Canva- Remember, you can use the content as is!

$37/quarter or $27/quarter with purchase of full year*

introductory price!

*For single-client or personal use only. Multi-use licenses are available for social media or marketing managers- click for the digital product terms of use.

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